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After 35+ years in Nursing; Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Trauma, and now Geriatrics, my purpose for starting CURA started with my father.  I had the privilege of spending some of his final weeks at his bedside...just chatting about everything.  We shared many stories that I had never heard and I got to tell him things that I haven't shared with anyone else.  There is a comfort in knowing that you are heard and I will always cherish this precious time that we had together.  He made me promise that I would do for others what I did for him, and that was giving my expertise and compassion through the difficult aging life pathway.  He even came up with the name of my company...Compassion and Utmost Respect for the Aging. C U R A

Care Management

CURA offers a Holistic approach to coordinating the care needs of our individual clients using specialized care plans on Amelia Island, Florida.  Based on the assessments at each visit, we provide ongoing support- accompany medical appointments and emergencies- advocate for your loved one and effectively communicate their needs and progress as we closely monitor their care.

We assist individuals and families with navigating the advanced pathways through Compassionate Care using Respect for the Aging.

Elizabeth Bandyk, MSN RN CMC

Founder CURA, PLLC

To the world you may be one person, but to

one person you may be the world

Our Mission:

CURA's philosophy stresses quality of life for every client. Compassionate Care Using Utmost Respect for the Aging is not a goal but an expectation, all the time!

Our Vision:

Reduce the stress and anxiety in Adult Health Care, navigate the anticipated pathways and provide compassionate care throughout the process.

As Care Managers, our goal is to meet the needs of our individual clients as they progress in life with Faith-based Holistic Support, Compassion, and Respect.

The CURA Advantage


Home Health Care

Senior Living Options


Social Work

Veterans Affairs

Elder Attorney 


Care Partners

UF Health

Baptist Health

St. Vincent Hospital

Physical Therapy

Pastoral Care

Council on Aging

Angel Watch

Nassau Transit

Quality Health


Oasis Senior Advisors

Community Hospice

Fernandina Beach Rehab & Nursing Center

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